Simon Guobadia Net Worth 2024 (2024)

What Is Simon Guobadia’s Net Worth?

Simon Guobadia is an American-Nigerian businessman who is the CEO of SIMCOL Group and has a net worth of $40 million.He is best known as the current husband of reality TV star Porsha Williams, and he appears regularly on the hit US show Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In addition to serving as the CEO of his company, he has also invested in the hospitality sector and has even been an executive producer on multiple films, which have all contributed to his sizeable net worth.

The Origin Story

Simon Guobadia was born on June 2, 1964, in Nigeria.

He has lived for most of his life in Atlanta, Georgia, which is where he has developed a name for himself as a successful entrepreneur and businessman.

He wedded Falynn Guobadia in 2019, and the pair had eight kids by different people at the time of their marriage.

Falynn was introduced as Porsha Williams’ friend on the hit reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta, which was about to spark controversy in Simon’s life.

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His marriage to Falynn was short-lived and he filed for divorce in 2021. He and Falynn had been together for five years.

Second Marriage

He then got engaged to Porsha Williams in 2021, which has seen him regularly appear on the popular TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta. They married on November 25, 2022.

In a revealing interview during one of his early appearances on Real Housewives of Atlanta, he announced that his grandfather had as many as 25 wives, much to the shock and surprise of those in attendance.

He said: “I come from a family where there was abundant love, but there wasn’t enough to go around.”

He followed up this statement by admitting to cheating on women in the past, saying that everyone in the world has cheated at some stage.

Williams, understandably, was surprised and disappointed to hear the comments, but it didn’t seem to drive a wedge between the pair.

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Before getting engaged to Williams, Simon had been married three times.

Simon has five kids with three different women and admits that co-parenting is a challenge.

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Net Worth

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So, how much is Simon Guobadia worth?

Although Simon Guobadia is in the public eye because of his appearances on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, he has developed a successful career for himself away from the limelight and has racked up an impressive net worth.

He has a long career as an entrepreneur, businessman, and producer and he has held multiple roles in different industries.

He started his career in 2004, working as a Tax Manager for Deloitte in Atlanta, Georgia.

All of his roles have been in the state of Georgia, which is where he has lived for the majority of his life in the US.

From 2007 to the present day, he has held a position as Chief Executive Officer at SIMCOL Group, which has various divisions and is active within Energy, Logistics, Multimedia, and Hospitality.

He is active in all aspects of his business, which we know from his comments on various social media platforms and during his appearances on TV shows.

He is known to have made substantial earnings from his role as CEO, which has proven to be one of the primary sources of his net worth to date.

Regardless of how people may view him, it’s hard to knock his business achievements, as he has grown his company from the ground into a multi-million dollar entity.

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In addition to his role in business, Guobadia has also served as an executive producer on various films, including Jail Dogs and Son of the South.

He has also owned bars and restaurants in Atlanta and has other business interests that he regularly speaks about during his TV appearances.

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Guobadia has been involved in various projects in the hospitality sector in Georgia, which started off with his ownership of Time and Buckhead Bottle Bar, which closed its doors in 2014.

Simon invested more than $3.8 million in the venture before its closure, as was revealed when his company was charged for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

In spite of the ignominious ending to this venture, he confirmed that he had paid his debtors off and settled everything financially before the business closed its doors permanently.

It’s not evident what led to the closure of the bar, and Simon hasn’t publicly revealed why the business was unsuccessful.

He opened an eatery called Simon’s Restaurant in 2017, but it closed permanently in 2020.

While he has been successful as a businessman in various sectors, it appears that his efforts in the hospitality industry haven’t quite been up to the same level as those in logistics and energy.

Therefore, Nigerian-American entrepreneur Simon Guobadia has an estimated net worth of $40 million.

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