Vice Lord 9 Codes of Conduct (2024)

The Vice Lords in the game follow certain codes of conduct to prevent shady activities. These codes are divided into four sections: Initiation, Membership, Crimes, and Symbols. The first section covers Initiation. The second section details Crimes. Both sections are important.

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The House of Commons has a Code of Conduct for members. It aims to promote a common understanding of House policy and call out inappropriate behavior. But there were some concerns raised by respondents, including the Code’s terminology, which often conflicted with common usage, accounting and tax purposes, and its requirements to disclose personal information about third parties. In addition, the Code should be more enforceable and include a clear appeals process.Vegetarian Pea Protein Bread Fit Recipe | My fitness brother anavar before after sports smart watch fstn display bt 4.0 fitness tracker pedometer stopwatch wrist smart wrist camera for ios 7.0 and adroid 4.3

The Code of Conduct provides members with general principles and detailed rules for following those principles. Of the 31 respondents, 14.5% were dissatisfied with the Code of Conduct, while 11.7% were satisfied. Nearly a fifth of these respondents did not consult the Code of Conduct at all or very infrequently.

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The Vice Lords were organized into factions. Each faction had its leadership and distinct membership. Each gang was ruled by a king and consisted of five and three-star universals and elites. Their graffiti reflected the different divisions and emphasized their independence. Their criminal expertise included narcotic trafficking and violence. This violence was often used to protect their existing narcotic operations or to expand their territory. However, they also engaged in traditional gang-related crimes.

When the defendant was shot, he was already on the third step of the stairwell. Coleman’s testimony focused on the defendant’s actions. The defendant allegedly argued with the Vice Lords, and Coleman had witnessed that confrontation. Although the defendant’s family members are Vice Lords, Coleman was not one of them.


The Vice Lords are a gang formed in the late 1950s by African American youth from Chicago. The group began recruiting in their neighborhood and engaged in conflicts with other Chicago clubs. By 1964, the group had grown significantly, making them a primary law enforcement target. Some of its members later split off and went to other cities, including Memphis and Paralake City. These “Travelling Vice Lords” were infamous for taking over the territory with violence and recruiting other African Americans in the neighborhood.

The Vice Lord faction has several ISOs that include second-generation members. Some are based on family lineage; others are based on the biological son of the Vice Lord’s leader. The Vice Lords gang’s ISOs include Baldy Jackson, Tijuana Moore, and Daniel Cole. These individuals have a family history and are therefore viewed as Vice Lords.

The family ties of the ISO are significant at both the leadership and general membership levels. The leadership ties are especially significant because they form the inner circle of the gang’s leadership structure. These members are the most powerful members of the gang. These members often carry a “royalty” symbol.

Conflicts within the gang

Conflicts within the Vice Lord 9 gang have been a major feature of the gang’s history. There have been major splits in the gang and major cases of defection. For example, Baldy Jackson, a founding member of the Vice Lord Nation, flipped sides and became part of the Black Gangster Disciples gang.

The Vice Lords gang first appeared in the 1950s and played a key role in criminal financing, operating illicit drug businesses, and owning legitimate businesses. As the gang evolved, it transformed from an informal peer group into a multi-state street organization. The author shows how the gang’s evolution has influenced modern street gangs in the United States.

The current national leader of the Imperial Insane Vice Lord faction is John Lofton, a brother of the late Willie Hemmingway, a legendary gang member. The ISO views Lofton as a “Prince”; however, this social construct confers a “royalty” status on Lofton. However, there are other gang members in the vice lord nine gangs, including the infamous “Baby Lord.”

A set of principles governs the gang’s actions and behavior. These principles are expressed in the hand signals of its members. They use a gang emblem to identify themselves. Members display the five-pointed star symbol, a five-pointed crown, a bulldog with a crown, and a lion head with a crown.

The book combines various sources of gang intelligence information, including police files and gang drawings. It also includes a range of Internet sources.


What is the Vice Lord code?

Bobby Gore was a Chicago, Illinois-born American gang leader and activist (born Frederick Douglas Gore; May 11, 1936 – February 12, 2013). Gore was a co-founder and previous commander of the “Conservative Vice Lords” (CVL), one of Chicago’s oldest and most infamous street gangs.

What do Vice Lords do?

This analysis discusses the evolution of the Vice Lords from an unofficial peer group to a multi-State street organisation, their role in mobilising civil rights activities, securing government and private funds, owning and operating legal and illegal businesses, and their ownership and operation of drug businesses.

Who are the Vice Lords rivals?

Contrary: Surenos Vice Lords: Black, gold, top hat, 5-point star, palms up, Bulls, UNLV, Louis Vuitton, Philadelphia Phillies. Allies include Latin Kings, the People Nation, and the Black P. Stones.

Who are the Vice Kings?

The only gang from Saints Row to appear in Saints Row IV is The Vice Kings, and it is the only gang that has each gang member listed. Only the Vice Kings use new cars in Saints Row IV as opposed to the other gangs, specifically the Hammer and Compensator.

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Vice Lord 9 Codes of Conduct (2024)
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